Dustin Silvey 

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Cleaning Clay

Cleaning Clay
Photography 27" x 19"

Dustin Silvey was born in British Columbia, Canada. In recent years he has mastered the digital medium of photography by studying traditional darkroom technique. Dustin's appreciation for both the technical and creative properties of photography is evident in his eclectic work. He began his photography career by capturing landscape and wildlife images, and then moved into portraiture and photojournalism. Dustin aims to capture moments framed amidst their natural settings to tell a story to inspire, draw awareness, and illustrate a cultural way of life. He has enjoyed traveling to photograph Iceland's majestic landscapes and Vietnam's immense cave systems. His most recent body of work took him to Southeast Asia to photograph endangered Asiatic Black Bears. His passion to tell a story through photography provides a keen desire to do what it takes to achieve a new perspective for a photograph.
"You need to be willing to go where others do not want to go, in order to get the photograph that others do not have." -Dustin Silvey

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