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Peaceful Lapoile

Peaceful Lapoile
Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

Even in this age of digital images I believe that there is something special about an original oil painting. It is one of a kind and will last for hundreds of years without changing appreciably during that time. It is no wonder that I have always enjoyed painting with heavy oils over other mediums
as their rich colour and luscious texture are ideal for capturing the movement of light. I have found that only oil paint is able to express this glimmering light and mysterious shadow. It allows me as an artist to give a truthful representation of the world around me. A camera sees everything equally, with a non judging eye and despite the great photographic advances made in recent years it
still fails to see as we see, through our eyes but with our brains.

Newfoundland light is special. Day's range from the foggy diffused morning light of early spring and summer to the crystal clear autumn afternoons and, finally to the colourful winter skies and pristine snow that blankets the ground. The light is always pure. Growing up in Placentia and spending summers in Branch and finally moving to Stephenville Crossing has allowed me have visited most of this island of ours. Painting is my attempt to express the beauty of this light as it glances off waves, reflects from
rocks or illuminates red ochre sheds and resting boats as they await another day. In my attempt to convey what I see to the viewer I use a full prismatic palette from shadowy violets to cheery yellows and of course these are mixed to create the wonderful warm and cool greys that are found
everywhere. I paint it as I see. and more importantly feel the colour. I hope that my paintings will elicit some feeling happiness in the viewer and if so I will know that I have done my job well.

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