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Sunset over the Narrows

Sunset over the Narrows
Oil on Canvas 34x40

Peter spent most of his early childhood abroad. He spent 2 years in Oxford, England, his country of birth, and five and half years in Kampala, Uganda where his father was a medical doctor. He then grew up in a family of eight in St. John's, Newfoundland where he became an elementary Phys. Ed. teacher. He taught in Swaziland, Southern Africa and Ogoki, Northern Ontario in an Ojibwa community before teaching full time in Newfoundland.

Peter was exposed to painting as a young adult and became known for doing large 15ft by 25ft backdrops at school concerts. He is an expressionist/pleinairist; one who paints outside. He most often works large scale with pallet knife, brush and oils. The love for his home can be seen in his work.

Peter is one of the best long distance runners to come out of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has now redirected the same passion, focus and energy from his training as a runner into his paintings.

"I am inspired by the culture of Newfoundland and its landscape which is part of my heritage. The Impressionists and Post Impressionists, in particular Vincent Van Gogh have strongly influenced my painting. Time spent in Paris, St. Remy and Arles has further enhanced my love of this style. I admire the art of Pissarro, Monet, Tom Thompson and A.Y. Jackson of the group of seven. I am captivated by their painterly ways. I am continually drawn to this Island that I love and the many places I have yet to truly see."

- Peter Lewis

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