Beyond the Palms - 2014-10-24 2014 

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Cleaning Clay

Dustin Silvey
Cleaning Clay
Photography 27" x 19"

A Photographic Exhibition on the Slums of Jamaica.

After the third shot was fired from an AK 47 Machel grabbed my arm pulling me away from the firefight yelling in his strong accent, "let's go!" After we returned to his home located about 1 Km from all the fighting I realized I was not in the charming picturesque Jamaica I had heard about from my friends that had visited the resorts located here. I was in Trenchtown, a slum area of Kingston Jamaica, a city that has the highest murder rate in the world located in a country not at war.

I met Machel Rayner while teaching at Memorial University of Newfoundland and while spending time working together for 2 years he slowly told me about his journey from the hopeless slums of Kingston to a dream like education in Newfoundland. These photos depict the hardships and barriers he suffered while living there. Neighborhood wars, famine, drug abuse, lack of government support and appalling living conditions all hinder the growth of individuals living in Trenchtown. This exhibition aims to show an area few tourists to Jamaica see, they describe an area and a group of people that have been forsaken beyond the palm trees and beaches.

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