Rentals & Sales Rates

For Yourself & Your Business

DSC_5239_large<br>Our standard rental rate is for a minimum of 3 months, maximum of 6, at 4% of the artwork's purchase price, per month. Should you decide to purchase a work at the end of your rental contract, 3 months rental will be credited from your balance.

For Selling Your Home

DSC_5241_large<br>Should you wish to set your home apart from comparable ones on the market, you have the option of renting artwork for one month at 10% of the purchase price of the artwork.

For Your Film/TV Production

Peter_Lewis_Gal<br>lery_interior_pics_smaller_for_web_34Set decorators are welcome at Peter Lewis Gallery Art Rental & Sales! You may rent original artwork for your movie, television, or commercial set for 15% of the purchase price of the work per week. All works have clearance for production, and are available to view online.

Purchase Terms

Peter_Lewis_Gal<br>lery_interior_pics_smaller_for_web_44Anyone can purchase art from Peter Lewis Gallery Art Rental & Sales. If you purchase after renting an artwork for 3 months, 3 months of rental will be credited to the balance of your invoice.

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